Collaboration | Competition 2019

As a practice, we believe that supporting students and young architects is crucial. Not only to give something back, but to learn from them. We have been very fortunate to benefit from the enthusiasm and creativity of a number of placement students and to reward both them and us, we endeavour to enter at least one speculative competition a year. Usually, we choose something that is far removed from what we do on a daily basis, this allows us to stretch our creative skills and hopefully transfer some of those concepts into our work. At the very least, it keeps us happy and that’s a benefit to everyone.

This year we collaborated with Larissa Braga (Istituto Marangoni) to propose a Poets Retreat in Latvia. The idea was based upon the concept of genius loci and that from that point a person can either connect or depart, both physically and mentally, to find restitution of the mind and inspiration.

spb provided academic and technical tutoring as well as helping Larissa develop professional skills, many of which will allow her to promote herself as a competent young designer.