Icelandic Cabins

In collaboration with our architectural intern Maria Gosende, spb prepared an entry for a competition to provide a "northern lights experience" on a remote site in Iceland. The brief required that the cabins / pods be isolated but movable (for bespoke positioning and also maintenance) so the idea was to lay a simple track system within the fields, recycle old cargo trucks ad retrofitting with a series of minimal timber cabins each with a unique aspect of the surrounding landscape but all with the same "big sky" experience at the magic moment. 

There was also the requirement for a more permanent collection of structures for staff, entertainment and other ancillary uses. A series of concrete "boxes" with timber roofs weere proposed, arranged around 2 courtyards to provide protection and a sense of community. 

spb has a strong interest of investing in competitions and collaborating where possible as part of our commitment to learn and improve. The benefits of this is felt by staff and clients alike - If you like what we do, or would like to know more about this project, please don't hesitate to get in touch.